/|\ recordings, writings and visuals /|\
Independent cassette label operating between France and Japan, your provider of obscure electronics, paranormal peaks, and outernational hits.
Experimental, no-fi pop, psych, ambient, drone, improvised music and field recordings, collage, calligraphy, and writings

Winter 18-19 releases

Cold yet? well we have been releasing some warm, wet, weird offerings from Poule-Poutre, Docteurlamort, Beat Taxi and Moineau Ecarlate. First up is Poule-poutre 1st album, "vol.", or what can be seen when observing the night sky from the bottom of a deep, dark well. Following is the 2nd edition of Docteurlamort "Radiolocaust", with a special card case and a booklet of collage originally intended for the first edition, finally coming to life thanks to the excellent Jonathan Gowthorpe. Each tape comes with a unique original collage. Next is the fifth volume of Beat taxi, exploring ancient radio waves and finding cosmic pop anomalies. Finally, a tasty confection of tape collage and plunderphonics from Moineau Ecarlate, "tele-cervelle".
Find them here, before the ice melts and releases all the prehistoric anthrax from way back!