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Independent cassette label operating between France and Japan, your provider of obscure electronics, paranormal peaks, and outernational hits.
Experimental, no-fi pop, psych, ambient, drone, improvised music and field recordings, collage, calligraphy, and writings

Docteurlamort - Radiolocaust

BLACK SHIP's second release will be Docteurlamort's RADIOLOCAUST, a limited edition cassette tape, available as well for download, including a digital booklet of collage and liner notes. Stay tuned for more...

Find it here

Treasure Island

We are proud to announce BLACK SHIP's first release, Treasure Island's self-titled first album, available as a limited edition handmade cassette tape as well as in digital form. 

Find it here

The Map - Distant fire in the night

A new psychogeographic review for you psychic travelers out there to fall asleep to; time to take a trip with Les Rallizes denudes 77 live. Read it here

Dokutoramo - Mikoshi Nude

We're starting a series of unreleased material, this one a spooky guitar/tape recording by dokutoramo from 2005, stream it here


A new volume of BRAIN DRAIN is now available for your viewing pleasure on this very website!
It is subtitled "Cosmic rips & the rises and falls of apocalyptic lords", and will be sure to please those of you travelers who are not fooled by the great leader fantasies and cosmic delusions of the Main Street. Beware though, for no amount of gold, gloss and golf can disguise the gloom, glop and gore that goes on unchecked since Time immemorial on this here blue marble.
Ladies and Laddies, EYE or DIE!

The Map, Jungian obsessions

Here is a new psychogeographic review, of Nino Nardini & Roger Roger "Jungle obsession", a magnificently mellow exotica album, highly recommended if you've never been anywhere near the jungle and don't have your own airplane, you plebs, ha!

Also, for those of you readers who wish there were links to/ facts on the music reviewed here, there is a simple reason I won't allow that, and that is because it will take you around one second to run a search and find out all you need... I write this collection, The Map, for those who like to wander; adding links to everything would rather go against that now, wouldn't it?

Docteurlamort live

Docteurlamort will be playing live in Lyon, Nov. 16th. Replacing Deficit budgetaire w/ Treasure Island, Strasbourg, Anahuac. Secret location, info at jesuisanxieusemaispastoujours@gmail.com

The Map, Psychogeographic reviews

The Map is an ongoing collection of psychogeographic reviews of favourite pieces of recorded music, albums or otherwise. As I fail to find any relevance in reviewing music through the lenses of genres, historical and geographical scenes, or in relation to the artists themselves; and as I do not partake in the rat-race view of music as a historical phenomenon, I will attempt to paint a wordscape of sorts, exploring the tenuous connections between space, time, and their distortion through the experience of music recordings. I sincerely hope you will enjoy these efforts, and that they will prompt you to read your own map. I will keep posting as the reviews come, so EYE or DIE!

T.I. live

Treasure Island live in Lyon, Nov. 16th. w/ Strasbourg, Deficit budgetaire, Anahuac. Secret location, info at jesuisanxieusemaispastoujours@gmail.com

Treasure Island video for "Gondwana Bwana"

To kick things off, here is a video. Treasure Island's first album will be released very soon for download, and in physical form in early 2016.