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Independent cassette label operating between France and Japan, your provider of obscure electronics, paranormal peaks, and outernational hits.
Experimental, no-fi pop, psych, ambient, drone, improvised music and field recordings, collage, calligraphy, and writings

Don Cherry psychogeographic review added to the map

Time to wander around another psychic corner of The Map, this time Don Cherry's "Brown rice",  if you've never heard it here is your chance, weekend around the corner, grind yourself a coffee and look out for that grain, it's everywhere. Read on!

Chromium visitors

A new psychogeographic review has been added to The Map, "The Visitation" by Chrome. It is their first album, before Helios Creed brought guitar apocalypse to the group, and is therefore often overlooked, obviously not on a par with the two brain-melting albums that came afterward, still a cool listen though, paranormal bits creeping in throughout... Here it is.

Dokutoramo cassette release

We are releasing Dokumentoramo, a collection of archival Dokutoramo recordings, available in digital format and handmade cassette tape, with artwork ink calligraphy by Kanako Mitsuzumi, each cover is unique!