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Experimental, no-fi pop, psych, ambient, drone, improvised music and field recordings, collage, calligraphy, and writings

Beat Taxi Vol.4

BEAT TAXI Volume 4 - Cassette, digital - 2017 - BLACK SHIP

Recorded, processed and engineered at Black Ship, between 2001 and 2016

"-------Dispatch? This is driver 88537 reporting for duty, heading to North Avenue. I'm in no special need of assistance. Of course I'm not supposed to use the two-way radio for personal conversations, but let me tell you this is by no means frivolous chatter. Passenger pick-up in West field? I'm heading to North Avenue myself, I suppose McClusky should take that one. What do you mean, closer? It's all a question of perspective, I mean when you know the area as well as I do, you can tell it's a slow one. Nothing about speed limits, although TIME factors in big in the equation, it's more to do with the altitudes, and before you yak on about plains and valleys, can you dig that picking up Mr Half-brain in West fail is a thousand feet drop for me, and I ain't near ready for that sort of adjustment: language, blood type, bpm, air pressure, solar winds, X-rays, frequencies, currencies even. I'm not positive the car would withstand it. Crazy? Like I said, all a question of perspective, what scale are you on? Me I'm trying to stay level, and it ain't easy, on account of the sorry state of the roads in this here city; cosmic speed bumps I call them-------Dispatch? Papa Gomina again, seems we got cut. Yeah don't think I'm complaining here, I do enjoy the occasional flash of brilliance, 3am on a snowy vortex at the center of the cosmos, big glowing moon winking at me cruising at 90 like the city's mine... all I gotta do is watch out for them humans, passengers my ass, more like stowaways if you ask, I guess everybody deserves a ride, hell I'm softening up------- what's the rep on Mr Halfie, still in need of that pick-up? Hell I'll do it, nothing like a good beat to get the trip started, just not on mondays-------"