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Independent cassette label operating between France and Japan, your provider of obscure electronics, paranormal peaks, and outernational hits.
Experimental, no-fi pop, psych, ambient, drone, improvised music and field recordings, collage, calligraphy, and writings

Winter 18-19 releases

Cold yet? well we have been releasing some warm, wet, weird offerings from Poule-Poutre, Docteurlamort, Beat Taxi and Moineau Ecarlate. First up is Poule-poutre 1st album, "vol.", or what can be seen when observing the night sky from the bottom of a deep, dark well. Following is the 2nd edition of Docteurlamort "Radiolocaust", with a special card case and a booklet of collage originally intended for the first edition, finally coming to life thanks to the excellent Jonathan Gowthorpe. Each tape comes with a unique original collage. Next is the fifth volume of Beat taxi, exploring ancient radio waves and finding cosmic pop anomalies. Finally, a tasty confection of tape collage and plunderphonics from Moineau Ecarlate, "tele-cervelle".
Find them here, before the ice melts and releases all the prehistoric anthrax from way back!

Treasure Island - /|\ E.P. released!

The new Treasure Island is out, six news songs created between march and september, on a cool yellow cassette and the usual digital shenanigans. Get it on bandcamp, or directly from us at upcoming shows in October. Bye bye Sayonara! http://treasureislandjapanfrance.bandcamp.com/album/t-i-ep

Beat Taxi Volume 4 out now!

We are happy to release the fourth installment of Beat Taxi, another 90 minute transmission of magnetic rounds and triangular lines. Could the road to nowhere lead somewhere after all?
Get in touch to get a limited edition cassette!


We are pleased to present our last release of 2016, "DISCORDISCO" by Docteurlamort, available on cassette and digital. This album features a selection of material from the Disconnard sessions, which have been the core of Docteurlamort live sets for over a decade (check out this video from 2005) and it feels like a landmark in many regards. Eye if you will, this cosmic video light-show for "Cryptodisco" for a visual accompaniment, epileptics beware! EYE or DIE folks!

New cassette release /|\ Asanoha

We are proud to release yet another cassette, this time the first album by Asanoha, "Aka" (red), five tracks of spring-reverbed minimal techno-dub and narcotic electronics.
It is available as a free listen/download, but what you really should get is the tape, as this is where the tracks really shine... Hurry though, the first pressing is extra-limited!

New Treasure Island album

"Pleasure Island" is out!

Treasure Island's second album was composed, recorded and mixed over the summer of 2016. You can get it on cassette or digital, or maybe you will get to hear it played live at upcoming shows in France and Switzerland.
See you around!

New dokutoramo album

Out now! new dokutoramo album, "Sublime Porte", all new material recorded in the spring of 2016 in France, available on cassette and digital. The artwork features a new ink calligraphy by Kanako Mitsuzumi, spray paint and stamps, each cover a unique variation. Limited edition, get one here

Beat Taxi vol. 3 out cassette release

Limited edition cassette available on Black Ship, a 90 minute paranormal panorama for the mental traveler out there. Side A is a free listen/download (here), but you can get both sides on a nice handmade yellow cassette for 7 euros +shipping. Get it while you can, 30 copies for sale!


Exploring the Map once again, a rather remote zone of paradoxes had to be crossed.
Darkness in the glare of the brightest day. Cold skin in sizzling heat. A vertical slumber and a horizontal descent. A frightening vision of peaceful prospects. Are you ready for eternity? Enter the static realm of Maurizio's M-07-A-side. 

Parking lot fever

Sometimes even the wanderer has to park the car for a minute or two. But it doesn't mean you can't leave the engine on, revving it now and then to keep the neighborhood alive. The Map drives through "Deuce Avenue" this time. Tension is key here, if you're staring into headlights, it's probably time to run. Love on!

Beat Taxi vol 1 & 2

Another night, another fare. Sit back and enjoy the singular landscape as we cruise through beat streets and pot-holed avenues, gliding along tumbledown facades and wind-swept parking lots. Time will turn and twist once again, but don't worry about the fare, this one's on the house; the meter is broken anyway. Just remember to keep the windows up and don't look back. Mind if I smoke?
Beat Taxi vol. 1
Beat Taxi vol.2

The filtered world

There is a peculiar echo on the Map this week, a joint review of two Scientist Greensleeves records albums, "Rids the world of the evil curse of the vampires" and "Heavyweight dub champion", both came to me simultaneously and have become inseparable over the years, soundtracking many of my perambulations. Dig if you will!

Don Cherry psychogeographic review added to the map

Time to wander around another psychic corner of The Map, this time Don Cherry's "Brown rice",  if you've never heard it here is your chance, weekend around the corner, grind yourself a coffee and look out for that grain, it's everywhere. Read on!

Chromium visitors

A new psychogeographic review has been added to The Map, "The Visitation" by Chrome. It is their first album, before Helios Creed brought guitar apocalypse to the group, and is therefore often overlooked, obviously not on a par with the two brain-melting albums that came afterward, still a cool listen though, paranormal bits creeping in throughout... Here it is.

Dokutoramo cassette release

We are releasing Dokumentoramo, a collection of archival Dokutoramo recordings, available in digital format and handmade cassette tape, with artwork ink calligraphy by Kanako Mitsuzumi, each cover is unique!

Wildest dreams

Has the future started yet? It looks to me that it certainly had, in 1979, The year the future broke?
Here is a psychogeographic review of Giorgio Moroder E=MC2, back when the future still sounded futuristic and even remotely optimistic. Try and derive listening to that one, things might get interesting...

Docteurlamort - Radiolocaust

BLACK SHIP's second release will be Docteurlamort's RADIOLOCAUST, a limited edition cassette tape, available as well for download, including a digital booklet of collage and liner notes. Stay tuned for more...

Find it here

Treasure Island

We are proud to announce BLACK SHIP's first release, Treasure Island's self-titled first album, available as a limited edition handmade cassette tape as well as in digital form. 

Find it here

The Map - Distant fire in the night

A new psychogeographic review for you psychic travelers out there to fall asleep to; time to take a trip with Les Rallizes denudes 77 live. Read it here

Dokutoramo - Mikoshi Nude

We're starting a series of unreleased material, this one a spooky guitar/tape recording by dokutoramo from 2005, stream it here


A new volume of BRAIN DRAIN is now available for your viewing pleasure on this very website!
It is subtitled "Cosmic rips & the rises and falls of apocalyptic lords", and will be sure to please those of you travelers who are not fooled by the great leader fantasies and cosmic delusions of the Main Street. Beware though, for no amount of gold, gloss and golf can disguise the gloom, glop and gore that goes on unchecked since Time immemorial on this here blue marble.
Ladies and Laddies, EYE or DIE!

The Map, Jungian obsessions

Here is a new psychogeographic review, of Nino Nardini & Roger Roger "Jungle obsession", a magnificently mellow exotica album, highly recommended if you've never been anywhere near the jungle and don't have your own airplane, you plebs, ha!

Also, for those of you readers who wish there were links to/ facts on the music reviewed here, there is a simple reason I won't allow that, and that is because it will take you around one second to run a search and find out all you need... I write this collection, The Map, for those who like to wander; adding links to everything would rather go against that now, wouldn't it?

Docteurlamort live

Docteurlamort will be playing live in Lyon, Nov. 16th. Replacing Deficit budgetaire w/ Treasure Island, Strasbourg, Anahuac. Secret location, info at jesuisanxieusemaispastoujours@gmail.com

The Map, Psychogeographic reviews

The Map is an ongoing collection of psychogeographic reviews of favourite pieces of recorded music, albums or otherwise. As I fail to find any relevance in reviewing music through the lenses of genres, historical and geographical scenes, or in relation to the artists themselves; and as I do not partake in the rat-race view of music as a historical phenomenon, I will attempt to paint a wordscape of sorts, exploring the tenuous connections between space, time, and their distortion through the experience of music recordings. I sincerely hope you will enjoy these efforts, and that they will prompt you to read your own map. I will keep posting as the reviews come, so EYE or DIE!

T.I. live

Treasure Island live in Lyon, Nov. 16th. w/ Strasbourg, Deficit budgetaire, Anahuac. Secret location, info at jesuisanxieusemaispastoujours@gmail.com

Treasure Island video for "Gondwana Bwana"

To kick things off, here is a video. Treasure Island's first album will be released very soon for download, and in physical form in early 2016.